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Trusted Tails Mobile Bath & Nails

Trusted Tails Mobile Bath & Nails

Servicing Most of Anderson County, Farragut, Hardin Valley, and Some parts of Knoxville.

We come to you and Groom Right in your Driveway!

We recently got a lot of questions about shedding. If you have a double coated breed such as husky, shelties, shepherds, Goldens, Corgi, poms, Aussies, beagles, and labs to name a few you will have excessive shedding as the undercoat falls out. Some breeds shed more during certain seasons but since most dogs live inside they pretty much shed nonstop.

Can this be stopped? Not entirely but it can be extremely reduced up to 90% for around 5-6 weeks when de-shedded properly. is it just good for your vacuum? Nope! Though clients were previously vacuuming everyday but no longer need too! But it's also great for your dog's health! Regular grooming of at least 4-8 weeks keeps skin healthy, fur soft and clean (would you ever not wash your hair for three weeks? and you don't lay on the floor), n keeps dogs way more comfortable. What about shaving? Does that stop the shedding? No. it doesn’t! We also refuse to shave these breeds because

1. it does not stop shedding (the fur is just smaller when it falls out)

2. it can cause the fur to grow back patchy or more course

3. it causes dogs to lose protection from heat and cold

4. can cause sun burn

5. bugs can more easily bite.

So why do some groomers shave then? Well it's easier and they get paid the same if not more, plus people think it’s the right thing to do, but it's definitely not better for the dog. ONLY extremely matted dogs should be shaved if double coated. So how do you keep dogs comfortable in the winter AND the summer? Deshedding and baths. Removing the dead undercoat helps air to get to the skin, which keeps them cooler in summer, n happier in winter as you probably keep the heat on, so if not removed it's like wearing a wool coat all the time. This can cause hot spots, itchiness, dry skin, and also can cause matting. Matting is extremely painful and unhealthy. Sometimes fatal as the matting not only can overheat the pet, hide parasites and wounds, but can cut off blood flow. Some dogs with extreme matting had the fur so tight the dogs tail fell off, some had to have limbs amputated, and cats usually die the most from over matting as their bodies are very sensitive.

Of course we would love to recommend mobile to everyone but unfortunately it does tend to be more expensive than salons. Deshedding for small and medium breeds start around $50-85, but regardless where you go Please get your pets groomed, if not by us by some of our wonderful salons (We can recommend some if you are looking).

And for those that wonder if brushing helps, Yes. But no matter how much you brush you will not get all of the undercoat out. As for the furmintor, this should only been used on beagles n lab type fur. Any other and it can break the hair and ruin most coats. Recently we had a husky in which she used that kind of brush weekly and the fur was super thinned out and rough. We are working on getting the fur to grow back Fuller.

If you wish to read reviews we have 18 five stars: